For everything you do, there's a green choice that's good for you and the environment

Today, it's easy to be environmentally friendly by using the web to find the many 粥en choicesനat exist for
 the products and services you use at work and at home.  For example, solar energy and wind power
 and other forms of alternative energy are easier to use and more affordable.  New energy conservation
 options are available and new levels of auto fuel efficiency are possible with the arrival of hybrid cars.
   Organic food and organic gardening products can be purchased on line - organic pest control supplies too!.
 Recycling and other sustainable choices are more acessible than ever.  Moreover, socially responsible investing
and ecotourism offer earth friendly options for saving and spending.

In these areas and the others below, let GreenChoices be your guide to finding simple, easy ways
 to make whatever you do just a little bit greener.  Just click on a category and you are
 on your way to doing something good for you and the environment.

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